T500G Hedge Cutters


The T500G is the flagship model of the Wessex hedge cutting range. It features a 1.2m working width head with the option of various flail types for different applications.

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The T500G has a reach of 4.85m and features a parallel arm for easy of operation, and the machines offer the option of cable controls or the EP-Tronic proportional control joystick for accurate manoeuvrability.

Informations complémentaires

Poids860 kg
Features & Benefits

Cutting width 1.2m Max horizontal reach 5m Flail head angle 235° Rotor speed 3100rpm Blade tip speed 60m/sec Weight 860kg 1050kgMinimum power required 50hp 
T500G A 4.85m B 5.08m C 3.34m D 3.28m E 4.44mI 1.88m L 1.14m M 2.04mN 2.47m O 2.44mP 1.38m F – –