Sidewinder Attachment for BFR-180 round bale feeder

Designed and manufactured in our Hampshire factory, the Wessex BFR-180 (patent pending) is a modular round bale feeding and bedding system that can be a configured as a bale feeder (mode 1), a straw spreader and bale feeder combination (mode 2), or a bale feeder with an extension chute (mode 3).

The BFR-180 only requires one tractor or telehandler to operate, and the maintenance is very low with only four grease points and no electrics!

A simple cash saving product

• Very low maintenance costs
• Low running cost
• Minimal fodder wastage – save up to 20% on your annual feed bill

Self-loading process

Loading the BFR-180 is as simple as 1-2-3, using our proven self-loading system.
1. First, the feeding cradle is disconnected by the pull of a rope, or the innovative pre-set unlatching system. The tractor or telehandler backs up and picks up the bale, with integrated spikes. It is then lifted on to the feed-bed.
2. The BFR-180 has a very low cradle that makes bale loading simple and fast.
3. Once loaded the operator then drives the forks back into the feed unit. The machine is now ready to feed!

Key Features and Benefits-

• Feed round bales of silage, hay, straw or haylage both inside and out.
• Zinc-plated roller chains – rated to 5.5tons per chain
• Thick wall zinc-plated chain bars - highly durable
• Low feed waste – save up to 20% on your feed costs
• Direct hydraulic drive system
• Very low maintenance and running costs
• Suitable for mounting on a tractor and telehandler with appropriate brackets
• Feed from either side

Patent pending (1622059.2)

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Lorsque vous achetez un produit Wessex, vous investissez dans plus de 55 ans d'innovation, d'excellence dans la fabrication et dans un engagement de progrès qui sous-tend le soin de nos clients, fournisseurs et employés. Depuis 1962, le nom Wessex est synonyme de superbe qualité, des machines construites au Royaume-Uni pour les marchés de l'agriculture et des sols. Notre équipement est conçu pour des applications exigeantes, où la fiabilité et la durabilité sont primordiales.

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