Get ready... It's almost mowing season

Obtain the best finish in all weather conditions with Wessex mowers. Speed, accuracy and the ability to traverse diverse terrain whilst leaving a professional cut is a must for our machines. No matter the use, explore our range and find the ideal mower for your occasion.

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Depuis 1962, le nom Wessex est synonyme de machines britanniques de qualité exceptionnelle pour les marchés de l'agriculture et de l'entretien des espaces verts. Notre équipement est conçu pour des applications exigeantes, où la fiabilité et la durabilité sont primordiales.Le réseau de distribution mondial de WESSEX INTERNATIONAL compte des distributeurs et des concessionnaires dans de nombreux pays. Quel que soit le produit Wessex dans lequel vous investissez, vous pouvez être assuré du soutien de votre revendeur local tout au long de la durée de vie de la machine, soutenu par l'engagement de Wessex International envers un excellent service client.Notre personnel amical et compétent est là pour vous conseiller sur le meilleur équipement pour votre application. Nous sommes convaincus que vous trouverez nos machines bénéfiques pour votre organisation à la fois en termes de satisfaction des utilisateurs et de propriété économique.

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An RMX-680 at a beautiful turf farm in Alabama 🇺🇸.

We love seeing Wessex products working around the globe 🌎.

When Only The Best Will Do..


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Out with the old and in with the new. 🥳

T H Hawkins take delivery of a new RMX-500 roller mower, which replaces their RMX-560.

Thank you for your loyalty 🙏


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Sweeping sticky, damp core with the MTC Core Collector - a very typical British day with rain forecast tomorrow. 🌧️

It took one man and the sweeper 15 minutes to clear the green. This job usually takes four men, four shovels, backache and 20 minutes, so they were happy to utilise the team elsewhere. 👏

The soft bristles brushed the turf, and no wheel marks were left, even when the hopper was full 😃.

So, if you’re looking to reduce your core collection labour time drastically, staffing and backache, get in touch 👌.

Drop us a message, and we’ll arrange a demo 👍.

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@southgloscouncil take delivery of a new RMX-500 roller mower 👌.

Happy mowing 😃.

It’s been a great start to the mowing season with lots of Wessex installs. ☑️

Now let’s hope we get a little more sun to help the grass on its way. ☀️

#TeamWessex #mowing #fineturf

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Just two CRX-320s mowing the undulations at the stunning Kingswood Golf Estate in George, South Africa. 🇿🇦

Wow! 👀

#TeamWessex #KingswoodGolf #SouthAfrica #Mowing #BrocoTurf

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#GroundsWeek - celebrating the ground staff who work tirelessly in all weather conditions to ensure pristine and playable year-round pitches. 🌱

This week we join the industry in saying a massive thank you for everything you do. 👏


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Hopeful for a busy summer, Millport Golf Club has taken delivery of a Wessex CRX 320 tri-gang rough mower from Fairways GM at Inchinnan.

“The Wessex has a good reputation; undulated land is prevalent here, so, in our trial, the CRX 320 followed ground contours really well, hugging them close. The roller will help with presentation, especially definition, and give options to stripe in the high season."

Dave Patrick - Millport Golf Club

Thank you to Fairways GM for your work throughout.

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